As a Constitutional Conservative I promise to:

  • -Defend State Sovereignty
  • -Reduce Individual Tax Burden
  • -Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights
  • -Always Vote Pro-Life


The Government Closest to you Governs Best…Economies & Jobs

The 10th Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that duties beyond those given to the Federal Government are reserved to the States. The Founders understood that those with a vested interest in an outcome are going to seek the best interests of that endeavor. Whether we are talking about communities, churches, social groups, states, or even these great United States, the thing that binds us together is a common dream and vision. I will support legislation that strengthens the rights of the state as originally intended by the Founders, and will seek to help build the coalition of legislators who share this vision.

As part of the state’s responsibility in exercising that right, state lawmakers must also understand that the economy grows when the government gets out of the way. I believe that when business leaders are free to trade goods and services there will be growth. In contrast, when government passes laws that create overregulation, this stifles business, unnecessarily increases the cost of doing business, and makes starting a small business more difficult. 25 years in private industry have prepared me to understand the importance of creating a business friendly environment that draws business to Oklahoma, and which makes starting a business an attainable goal of individuals. As part of helping our economy to grow and to encourage innovation and entrepreneurism, I will support efforts to ease the burden on these enterprising individuals, because these businesses are the engine of economic development in our communities.

Shall Not be Infringed…Support the Second Amendment

The intent of the 2nd Amendment does not mean that this right is only to be associated with hunting or any sport. It is rooted in the fundamental right of the people to bear arms to protect their individual liberties. I am a member of the NRA, and I will support legislation that respects and protects second amendment principles. I will oppose any effort, such as limiting ammunition sales or other free market restrictions, to circumvent that right.

Communities…..Local Control

As a member of the Bond Oversight Committee and the Planning Board in Jenks, I have seen firsthand the struggles that Municipalities must endure in navigating through endless red tape because of Federal and State overregulation – which add cost and slow down construction projects. Because the entities controlling the enforcement of these regulations are government related and not part of the free market system, there seems to be little incentive to apply continuous improvement processes leading to faster response time, lower administrative costs, and friendlier customer service people. I will support legislation that reduces the regulatory burden on communities and gives them creative solutions to funding problems.

Education Must be a Priority

My wife, her parents, and her brother are all educators. I understand personally from their experiences the roadblocks that sometimes distract teachers from being able to just focus on their greatest joy – teaching our precious children. I understand the need to improve teacher pay and channel more money to the classroom. I understand and have had many talk with me about the challenges created by the new testing standards. These are difficult problems for which no easy solution exists. As an engineer, my training has equipped me to solve difficult problems, and if elected, I would use this training to work with other legislators to develop common sense solutions. One approach which is already finding support is to consider legislation that puts money in the classroom by allowing budget line item splits that separate teacher/classroom from administration line items. In any approach to education, I will support legislation that places control in the hands of parents and teachers rather than bureaucrats and the Federal Government.

I value Oklahoma’s rich heritage and respect for Home-schoolers and will be a strong advocate on their behalf.

I also understand the importance of parents having the ability to send their children to the school of their choice.  As such, I support school choice initiatives and other free market solutions that insure all children get the best education possible.

Live Within our Means – Budget

The Republicans have a supermajority, yet they are out-spending any previous administration in the history of our state. I have spent years developing budgeting techniques for our home and am in the process of writing a book on the subject. In the end, it comes down to one thing. We should not seek to be revenue neutral. As a state, we should seek to be savers during the good years knowing that the lean years will come. I will support legislation that encourages saving, cuts to unnecessary programs or pet projects, and deals with subsidies, incentives and rebates that allow government to choose winners and losers.

Energy to Meet our Needs and Grow our Economy

Energy is the cornerstone of a growing economy. Energy independence is key to the safety and security of a free and prosperous people. In Oklahoma, through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing we have been able to recover oil and gas from areas that were previously inaccessible. We must also be responsible in exploration activities, to ensure we do not cause unintended environmental damage in this pursuit. Of my 25 years in the engineering field, almost 15 years have been related to developing electronics related to oil and gas exploration and production. I have made many trips to well sites, and am experienced in this area. I will support legislation that promotes America’s energy independence while respecting the environment, knowing that this will bring energy jobs to Oklahoma.


Keeping the fruits of one’s labor is paramount to a thriving economy because people must have money to spend on goods and services for the economy to grow. If taxes are too high, economic activity will slow, resulting in less taxes being received by the states. When people have more money in their pockets, they will buy more goods and services, which support new business development. This is the essence of the free market system that this country was founded upon. Therefore, I will support efforts to lower and/or eliminate our state income tax.

Support the Physician/Patient Relationship

Both as the son of a physician and now the father of two entering the same field, I personally understand the commitment of physicians to the Hippocratic Oath and now the dichotomy of that oath to the implementation of ObamaCare. Consistent with our Founding Fathers principles, I support the rights of the individual. We are headed down the wrong path of nationalizing health care, and I will work to support the right of our state to support our physicians and individuals to preserve their right to provide and receive personalized care and personal choices.I believe that a doctor, not a bureaucrat in Washington, should decide the treatment for their patient.

Protecting the Unborn

Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV) says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;” In order to explain my core values, it is important to state an idea that is fundamental to every belief I hold. It is the fact that the greatest thing an individual can do is to protect life, because the respect of life is foundational to the core values I hold, and which this nation was founded upon.

Oppose the Legalization of Marijuana

As a Christian Conservative who understands the dangers of drug use and the Bible’s clear warnings against it, I oppose the legalization of marijuana.  Advocates claim that its legalization is medically necessary, but in reality it is a recreational drug whose acceptance will likely lead to to the legalization of more serious drugs.

Assuming marijuana actually contains beneficial compounds, then pharmaceutical companies will develop a safe and legal way to harness the benefits of this plant.

A Unique Perspective….

As a Member of the OK House representing the constituents of District 69, I am be the only practicing engineer in the Oklahoma House. This is an important distinction, because the training and real-life experience engineers receive makes us excellent problem solvers. We are also coalition builders because it takes a team to take an idea and turn it into something that can be manufactured, sold and supported. Oklahoma is facing real challenges, but together, we can find solutions that grow our district and our state, and place it as the Shining City on a Hill that can show the nation how to find its exceptional place in the world yet again.