Jenks, OK – Chuck Strohm, a 25+ year engineer, small business owner and Constitutional Conservative Republican, has re-released a series of videos explaining exactly where he stands on issues that are important to Oklahoman’s.

From protecting the rights of the individual to own and operate firearms to the future of education in Oklahoma, Strohm has proven during this last legislative session that he is unafraid to tackle the issues that Oklahoman’s most care about, head on.

As a constitutional conservative Strohm adheres to the principle “that government is best which governs least” which means that he believes that we must reduce the size, scope and hold that government has on the people and allow for local control on issues such as education. Strohm will fight adamantly against the nationalization of education because Education is expressly left to the States as outlined in the US Constitution. Strohm has also pledged to fight for our state sovereignty from federal overreach on issues such as gun control and the Affordable Care Act also known as ‘Obamacare’.