Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for the honor of representing you in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

As your representative, I have been true to the promises I made in 2014 and have been recognized as the Most Conservative Freshman House Member for 2015 and 2016 and scored a 90% Conservative Rating in 2017. You can read more at

Our state has just come through the most devastating economic downturn in over a generation as oil & gas prices plummeted during 2014-2016. This downturn impacted almost every industry as many small businesses had to close and many big companies had massive layoffs resulting in thousands losing their jobs.

I’m happy to share that our economy is finally healing. Data reported by the OK Tax Commission shows month over month increases in tax receipts which tells us that our economy is finally headed in the right direction.

As an engineer for almost 30 years, my goal in serving is to bring common sense to the decision-making process. We need real solutions that will put our economy on a long-term path for success. As our economy rebounds, it makes no sense for lawmakers to stifle the economy by pushing for tax increases. Raising taxes is NOT the solution – The answer is reform.. but how?

Performance Audits:

My time in the legislature has taught me that state agencies & special interest groups have controlled the decision-making process far too long. This must change.

Last session I authored a bill to allow performance audits for our education system and was also tasked by House leadership with leading a team to look at ways performance audits can help our state.

Performance audits address two key issues:

1. The inefficient way government spends your money

2. The way state agencies operate and the results they actually deliver

Too many times I have seen legislators try and solve complex problems by only addressing one small part of the problem – teacher pay for instance. Performance audits allow us to leverage the skills of the business community and professional auditors to look at comprehensive reform.

Many of the issues facing our state will not be solved until we have true reform. As far as our House staff can tell, a comprehensive performance audit has never been done for our education system; an agency that receives billions of dollars and 50+% of the appropriated budget.


Special Session:

A tremendous amount of misinformation has been spread by the mainstream media regarding

Special Session. To learn more, please read the article I wrote titled The Truth About Funding for

Mental Health, DHS and the HCA – it can be found at

Republican Platform Caucus:

During the 2017 legislative session, there was an incredible effort on behalf of the Governor and the House & Senate leadership to raise taxes because we were told that raising taxes was the only solution to fund government.

To combat the efforts of those wanting to raise taxes, Rep Sean Roberts and I organized the Republican Platform Caucus (a caucus is simply a group of like-minded legislators). Our caucus of 15-20 conservatives stand on the principles outlined in the state Republican Platform.

Because SQ640 requires tax increases to pass with a 75% majority in the House & Senate, our caucus was able to band together and help defeat numerous tax increases in 2017. We were also a key reason the Governor’s $500+ million tax increase package failed this past fall.

Core Values:

Finally, you can count on me to continue to take a leadership role in your state government as we seek to move solution-oriented legislation forward with a deep commitment to our United States Constitution and unalienable rights. I will be strongly opposing the repeal/modify of SQ640 and will continue to stand for traditional family values, a classroom teacher pay raise, parental choice, smaller government, home-schooling, school choice and the right to keep and bear arms. As the author of the Resolution to Ban Abortion, I will continue to seek an end to the murder of our unborn children. Please visit to learn more.

In Conclusion:

Angela and I are very grateful for your prayers, support and friendship.

The Education Establishment / Tax & Spend Special Interests have already selected my opponent who will serve these groups; someone who will raise your taxes and grow government.

I am asking for your prayers, support and vote this coming June. Please consider donating at

As 2018 brings a new set of challenges, I look forward to representing you at our state capital.



Chuck Strohm  PO Box 714, Jenks OK 74037

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