Faith – Family – Life

32 years in the Tulsa area

Chuck was Elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2014

I am passionate about our wonderful cities because I share the values, beliefs, and work ethic of my friends and neighbors. Because I can think of no place I’d rather live, I want my children and grandchildren to experience the same freedoms, community, and core values I’ve enjoyed over so many years.  That is why I feel called to serve another term.  My wife

We have so many wonderful churches, exceptional schools, growing businesses, and strong families that reflect the conservative nature of our area.  Because of my involvement at the local level combined with strong problem solving skills developed over 25+ years of engineering, I am uniquely qualified to represent our area in Oklahoma City.

Experience in the private sector

Experienced as a small business owner as well as a full time employee, I understand the challenges businesses face due mandates from the federal and state governments.  My goal is to help bridge the gap between city leaders and state government because the local community is the lifeblood of economic growth.

Oklahoman’s don’t like the federal government encroaching on our state’s rights.  Whether it’s through Obamacare, gun control, or the many social mandates the Feds are always trying to force on us, I will be an advocate for the life of the unborn and family, lower taxes, and making Oklahoma more attractive to prospective businesses because these reflect the values of our area.

Both Chuck and Angela are graduates of Leadership Jenks and Chuck served as Chairman of the Jenks Bond Oversight Committee and Vice-Chair of the Jenks Planning Commission until elected to the OK House.

Chuck served on the Tulsa County Executive Committee and was the Precinct 700 Chairman for several years and is author of the Tulsa County Republican Party Precinct Organization Handbook.

Devoted to family and faith

Chuck and Angela were married in 2000 and have four children between them.  They understand the challenges of bringing together blended families, and could not be more proud of their children.  Chuck, whose father was a doctor has a strong admiration and respect for the Medical Community.  Chuck’s oldest daughter Tamara, is a graduate of Jenks HS and is a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic wrapping up her fourth year of Neurology residency.  Chuck’s second daughter Brittany, also a graduate of Jenks, is a first year Psychiatry resident in Salt Lake City.  Their son Andre, a graduate of Victory Christian School is a freshman at ORU and Reagan is in sixth grade at Victory.

Chuck and His family attend Victory Christian Center and they are thrilled to sit under the leadership of Pastor Paul Daugherty.


PrayerDemystifiedFINALcover SMALLChuck first book, Prayer Demystified was Published in 2015 and is available at Amazon, Mardel and all major book retailers.

Prayer Demystified begins by looking at what is pray and why do we pray. We examine the idea that rather than always talking to God, prayer should really be talking with Him. Prayer is examined from two different viewpoints including:

  1. First we examine the relational aspect of prayer where we talk with God as our Heavenly Father, just as we talk and listen with a family member or spouse.
  2. The second viewpoint is the request-aspect of prayer where we come to God and ask Him to meet our daily needs as well as any major needs in our life.

The book then looks at the various questions people have about how to pray including:

  • Understanding the nature and character of God – i.e. why can we trust Him?
  • The difference between the spiritual world and the natural world we live in.
  • How we approach God in prayer.
  • Why doesn’t God just take care of my problems?
  • The difference between Faith and Hope.
  • Speaking the Word over our lives.
  • Hearing God.
  • Getting earthly help, and
  • When do we receive the answer to our prayers


The book includes many word pictures and stories to make these ideas practical and is full of scripture in every chapter. Prayer examples of how to pray for your family, for healing and for our nation are also provided.

Finally, the last 50+ pages are full of scriptures organized by subject making it easy to speak the Word over specific areas of our lives.

For thousands of years, people have said that God is “unknowable and unpredictable” meaning that “He does what He wants,” and “why should I try to understand Him?”

Yet, when we study Scripture, we get a completely different picture of whom God is. We have a loving Heavenly Father who jealously yearns to have a personal one-on-one relationship with mankind and cares deeply about every aspect of our life.

Prayer demystified lays out the principles of prayer in easy to understand ideas with the goal that dynamic and power-filled prayer will become a part of your daily life. The storms of life will come, but by developing your prayer life and confidence in the Word of God, you will be prepared to prevail.

  • Publisher: Word & Spirit Publishing (March 15, 2015)